EN hardness
{podstatné jméno}

1. generál

Firstly, how much to use depends on the hardness of the water.
En primer lugar, la cantidad a emplear depende de la dureza del agua.
and he upraided them for their unbelief and hardness of heart, because they had
les reprendió su incredulidad y dureza de corazón, por cuanto no
all hardness of heart, renders him capable of fully realizing it.25
del matrimonio y, liberando al hombre de la dureza del corazón, lo habilita para realizarla íntegramente.25
tiesura {ž} (dureza)

2. "of blow, slap"

hardness (také: fastness, force, forcefulness, might)

3. "difficulty"

hardness (také: awkwardness, severity, severeness)
lo difícil {podstatné jméno}

4. "of winter, frost"

hardness (také: rigour, severity, rigor, austerity)