Some people will rob their mother for the ENDS?

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song text by Everlast: "the Ends" - meaning "the leftovers"?, "the means/the goal"? or something different??
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Found answer myself in a forum!:
by FilmScorpio 09-02-2005
"Ends" definitely means "money". It is VERY commonly known slang. Hell, there's that pretty funny joke file that's all over the internet (I don't know where it came from originally) with the "Ebonics Lesson", where they translate slang into "regular" English. And they translate "can I borrow some money" into "Hey, lemme hold some ends". This song is about what people do for money. "Rob their mother", "snitch", "murder", etc. The first guy, Bill, "doesn't have a dollar" and "can't find a job". The second, Sally, is about a whore. A slut that will have sex with you, if you have the ends. The money. This is like the most obvious, clear cut song there could be. It's NOT about drugs at all. The only mention of drugs are in the first story; the Bill story. And that only illustrates that he turned to drugs since he had no job, no money, and fell off track. But even in the end of that section, he
"Sells the shirt off his back
The shoes off his feet", and
"Tryin' to stick up kids for their watches and chains".
(and I'm not too sure that's really the line, but it's the right general idea)
All for the MONEY. Except he's gone from needing money for rent, to needing it for crack.

And Momo is absolutely correct. All through the song, at certain points, you can clearly hear a background voice yelling "Get the money!" (My favorite part of the song, actually. lol). The first is around, or a little after, the 1:45 mark. The second is around, or a little after, the 2:50 mark. And the last is around, or a little after, the 4:04 mark. Basically, right at the end of each chorus, except the opening one.

I never thought ANYone would not get that this is about money. How much more obivious could it be? That's like not getting that the sky is blue.
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